22 April 2007

k1, p2, yo, yo, k1, p2, bind off

I haven't seen these letter/number combinations in a very long time. to be honest, I don't miss it that much -- knitting. I do though miss my tuesday class comrades. my little head is just too consumed with other things at the moment. god forbid if I dropped a stitch or had to take out a few rows, I would no doubt go "over the edge." the thing is with knitting, when a project is going well, it's enjoyable, satisfying and almost therapeutic. BUT, if I should encounter a mistake in a pattern or interpret specific instructions incorrectly, the hobby is incredibly stressful. no fun.

these days I seem to spend most of my evenings reading magazines and fiction that is a little more on the lighter side (in addition to my ever-popular IF books.) I just suffered through "pug hill" which was actually a total waste of my time. back in the day I used to bring chilli up to pug hill in central park. those trips were a riot! on some sundays there could be close to 20 pugs. an entire herd! I miss those days. I miss manhattan. I miss the person I used to be before I was sucked deeply into the world of infertility (x2).

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