17 April 2007

the love boat

how come 3 major people in my life went on holiday the same week? as a result, all hell broke loose. were they all hanging out drinking tequila shots on some festive cruise ship down in mexico? hola muchachos! timing is bad!

dr k. my RE. not around during my IVF stims. not around to tell me the cycle was cancelled. not around to explain why the cycle was cancelled. I sent him a wicked email yesterday saying exactly this. "just to let you know, our IVF was cancelled over a week ago." he responded that he was in shock that nobody followed up with a phone call. I think that nobody is him. finger pointing! busted!

harry. my mortgage broker. he and I had long conversations (plural) concerning b's and my financial challenges. harry knew about the identity theft. harry knew about b living off of credit cards during medical school and repossessed cars. harry knew the $12,000+ on my amex last month was for IVF. the bastard knew all the tragic details of our current finances. the bastard was even made aware of my elevated FSH. I told him my life story. none of this was communicated to his staff before he left. after he had proposed a fantastic interest rate including a yale discount, his ship sailed. the dumbass that took over my account knew nothing about the deal harry and I worked out. it was like our conversations never existed. harry is gone. rates go up. I had to start from scratch and I barely qualify at all for any loan at this point.

david. my finacial advisor. drinking tequila shots on some festive cruise ship down in mexico with harry and dr k. not good timing. NOW, right at this moment, is when I need some serious advising! where the hell is everybody?

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