09 April 2007

round 2

thanks to a dear friend and some frantic phone calls, b and I were able to see someone at cornell today. cornell. the gold standard. the best in the biz. AND the most expensive. unfortunately the "famous for high FSH/poor responders" RE we wanted to meet with could not see us until june. even after another RE in boston (a friend of his) called him directly to see if he could possibly find time for a quick IVF with AMA and a MF chat. at least we're "in." round 2 officially begins.

we had a nice long visit. of course this included another ultrasound. man, I feel like I have my feet in those damn stirrups every 5 minutes. I don't even flinch any more. the RE even discovered a few more growing follicles. this was good news considering my newly aquired high FSH label. she also confirmed what I always believed. a fluctuating FSH does have an effect on a particular IVF cycle. I might have had better luck last month when it was 6.8. interesting. dr k disputed this little theory of mine. "my new RE" said there was no way cornell would have gone ahead with the stims with my level being so elevated. my next protocol (wow! I loooove saying "next") will consist of an estrogen patch that lowers your FSH pre-stims. again... interesting. I asked if there was a possibility of this working. "absolutely" she said. we start the end of may.

so I found that little glimmer of hope I was searching for high and low. I know our case is extremely challenging but I feel I really need to try IVF with my own eggs at least once before giving up. when we move to new haven our new insurance will not cover one penny of any IF treatment. 100% out of pocket. ouch. with b still a student I cannot possibly design enough logos to have an extra $15,000 to put towards another cycle and all those meds. this is it. we are going with the big guns here. I even celebrated with a coke at lunch and then a cappuccino — a large!

tomorrow I am back to the organic brown rice and kale. with pleasure.


nickoletta100 said...

It sounds like you have found someone that will at least treat you with respect! YAY for a next step! It must be wonderful to hear something positive for a change! Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey- Sounds like this is a real emotional roller coaster type of thing. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to dance with you in happiness , you know my number. i have missed you...but can understand how draining this all is. As always, my thoughts are with you.