01 July 2007

blog title change

I am totally exhausted and my back hurts like bloody hell.

my $200 le klint hanging lamp was totally crushed in the move (thanks to b's brilliant packing skills. thank god he has other talents.) our "new" shower is leaking into the neighbor's renovated bathroom. yikes! an emergency plummer is needed. at this point we need to go through the ceiling in order to address the disaster. THEN b literally put his foot through the neighbor's floor (ultimately the kitchen ceiling) while discussing the leaking "new" shower. AND I cannot seem to make any headway in the unpacking. I am constantly having to clean up stinky pug vomit. chilli insists on puking repeatedly on his bed, on our couch, and in random spots (under our bed and on the stairs) throughout the apartment.

a change in my blog description is a must. I no longer knit.

a not so private struggle with infertility (x2) and other random thoughts on home ownership and dogs


SULLY said...

Good luck w/the house repairs! We have a LOVELY hole in the livingroom ceiling thanks to a leak taht even the plumber was unable to find...I think if we still have the hole by Christmas we shall decorate it...

Good luck!

Joy said...

Ain't being a grown up FUN?

When I moved into my place, I made myself a goal of 3 bags/boxes per day. It seems like a small goal, but it makes it seems manageable. Some days I would get on a role and do 6, then I felt all accomplished cause I DOUBLED my goal.

But short of a few necessaries like clothes, toothbrushes & maybe a pan or two, the rest will get there when you get to it.

Rachel said...

Yuck! I'm sorry about your puking pup! :-(