29 August 2007


I'm amazed by something every single day. sometimes it's a good thing. sometimes, well, not so good.

how can a giant suv with a mountain bike on the back and kayak on the roof be parked in a handicapped space at the post office? nice.

how can a little dog be so full of cancer? 2 completely unrelated cancers!

how can a small condominium be so much work and so expensive to maintain? I'm wicked (I'm from maine) tired of people saying "oh, but you are married to a doctor." yeah, he is indeed a physician but he is also a "student." students don't make money! students don't have a salary! some students owe $$$,$$$ in school loans (take note of the number of dollar signs.) yikes! the financial drama here on prospect street is genuine. the ancient, not to code pipes in our newly renovated "master bath" (tee hee) are no exaggeration. I really wish we had rented.

how can our contractor sleep at night knowing he totally took advantage of us, the infertiles (x2)? he did a crappy, low budget job and basically stole our money. another life lesson. lesson #396,885.


AwkwardMoments said...

sigh............life lesson, at thie point, are exhauting and pricey aren't they.

(and i love the wicked -thing ;)

nickoletta100 said...

oh no! that sounds awful. have you considered a small claims suit?

Joy said...

My old OB/GYN said that if the hospital she worked for didn't pay for her malpractice insurance, she'd actually make less money than she did when she bartended in school.

I'm so sorry about your pup.. I know I keep saying it, but I just.. it makes me sad.
My pup has to have surgery to remove some moles to make sure they're not cancer. Just found out this morning and I was literally in the vet's office thinking about you and your Chilli.

I hope the cyst monster is gone, as well..
Rooting for you on all counts here!